Monday, November 26, 2012

The New Google's Penguin 3 Update for SEO

Google’s Penguin 3 update has trapped quite a few web-masters by revelation. However, as true as always, Google is challenge to play fair and eliminate Black Hat SEO strategy. In the process, many websites have seen a major down-gradation and loss of natural traffic and consultants are busy advising web-masters on how to recuperate from the penguin update.

This was a sharp difference to the Google Panda update where the focus was on improvement web-sites with good layouts, and in this update, the focus is on preventive spamdexing. The newest update has affected 0.3% of English search queries obviously, in difference to the Penguin Updates in general, which affects around 3.1% of English explore queries.

Research designate that search engine visibility affects both traffic and adaptation of traffic to sales absolutely [1,2] and thus research in sequence Systems has gradually more focused on dissimilar issues of the suggestion of the web on business [3,4].

While the noble purpose was to hunt down web-masters using black-hat SEO method, such as keyword wadding, cloaking, contributing in link schemes, premeditated creation of duplicate satisfied, among others; the change has actually even advantage many of the small time bloggers even more who focus on a position.

The very focus on the significance of the quality and significance of backlinks has increased even more than ever. So normal linking and credentials from and to niche content supplier win a lot of “Brownie Points”.

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