Monday, November 5, 2012

Google Updated Pedometer Card Apps

Google’s clever search app, Google Now, for Android smart phones and tablets now comprise an intelligent pedometer app that tracks your space and knows how far you’ve walked. The efficient card should automatically start appearing on Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or afterward and joins cards for weather, nearby restaurant suggestions, and other connected search cards. 

According to Google, the space walked is intended using periodic place information that’s being sent to and stored via Google. The card comprise information for users who travel by walking, bicycling or via other modes of transport. 

Google Now’s latest adding may help Smartphone users stay more vigorous and matches the features of Nike+ addition on Apple’s iPhone, which tracks action based on the accelerometer. 

Google Now is intended to be a hyper-personal look for tool for Smartphone proprietor that provide clever reference through a variety of cards based on location, search history, and past Internet usage performance.

It’s meant to be a Siri participant and a helper that learns your behaviors and adapts to you. Google Now is an addition of Google voice search and is a feature that debuted on Android 4.1. Since Jelly Bean, Google has sustained to provide episodic updates to Google Now to enhance and supplement its features set.

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