Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Google Chrome Browser now With Battery Saving Features

Google Tuesday released a Chrome browser update with a video decipher improvement that the company maintain will help users save battery life. The feature, obtainable for Chrome on Windows, cuts power expenditure by executing video decoding on graphics dispensation units instead of on computers' CPUs, Google said in a blog post. This is because devoted graphics chips require much less power than computers' CPUs, resultant in a 25 percent add to in battery life in Google tests. 

"Now Chrome users on Windows will occurrence longer battery life so they don't get cut off while surveillance their favorite YouTube video on replicate," wrote Ami Fischman, a Google software engineer.

This Chrome update version 23 also gives users an alternative to send a "do-not-track" demand to websites and online services; even though Google Update warned that this feature's efficiency depends on how the sites and services meadow these requests. 

Chrome 23 also merge in an icon next to the URL a website's authorization settings for things like geolocation gratitude, pop up messages and camera-microphone admission. "Now, simply click on the page/lock icon next to a website's attend to in the omnibox to see a list of permissions and pinch them as you wish," Fischman wrote. 

Security fasten include one that is not in the Chrome browser per se, but quite in the way Apple iOS protect against wild writes in concession graphics drivers. Google paid $1,000 to the person who reported this bug, rated High, the second-highest rating behind grave.

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