Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gmail Update Convey drive Integration and 10GB File Sharing

Gmail users will shortly be capable to add links to files stored on Google Drive, allowing easy allocation of files up to 10GB by email. The new update, which is rolling out to all Gmail users, convey much tighter addition between Google's accepted webmail podium and its rapidly improving cloud storage solution. 

When composing a new email, Gmail client will have the alternative of inserting a file from Drive, beside the established 'attach files' button which uploads a nearby accumulate a picture, document, video or what-have-you. 

Because Drive files have previously been uploaded to the cloud, and don't need to be straight attached to the email, much superior files can be inserting, with the beneficiary just following a link. In a post on the authorized Gmail blog, Product Manager Phil Sharp explained: "Have you ever tried to connect a file to a message only to find out it's too large to send? 

"Now with Drive, you can add files up to 10GB - 400 times superior than what you can drive as a customary attachment." Drive addition means receiver will always have access to the newest, most up-to-date adaptation of the file, while Gmail will also check whether all beneficiaries have been granted admission to the document. 

Sharp added: "Like a smart supporter, Gmail will also double-check that your beneficiary all has access to any files you're sending. Anyone wishing to test the latest functionality, needs to choose in for the 'new create experience' within Gmail. You'll see an request on your inbox page to the right of the 'More' button.

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