Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Google TV Update: Add Voice Search and Android Youtube Capabilities

Probably the preferred activity in the UK and a rising number of nations throughout the world, watching TV is becoming amazing of a global occurrence. With advances in home activity technology, numerous clunky remotes have emerged as the norm, occasionally necessitate a small textbook to appreciate and successfully navigate the variety of controls and options. 

Google is putting an end to all of that with their new “Voice Search” feature that is integrated in the most recent update for Google TV-capable approach, which will be first revolve out on LG’s G2 series of smart LED TVs. As the search engine massive aptly says, “Simply speak to watch anything.” 

What makes this such a influential feature, is Google’s astonishing database of movies, TV shows and YouTube videos that are all made obtainable at the expression of a single word. That’s right, say the name of your preferred actor or movie star and you will be obtainable with all of the movies, TV shows and YouTube videos that he or she is in. 

This database is easily available through the PrimeTime app, which makes inspection your favorite TV, shows and movies more expedient than ever. PrimeTime features a user-friendly interface that uses illustration comfortable and also automatically relates other TV shows and media that the user would also similar to based ahead his or her partiality. 

And to top things off, the latest Google TV update will add a syncing characteristic that links your Android-based mobile equipment to your Google TV, allowing you to push YouTube videos from your Android Smartphone or tablet straight to your television. Now you can watch all of your preferred YouTube shear and videos on your large-screen HDTV.

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