Thursday, March 28, 2013

Google picks 8000 users to test net connection glasses

The winners will have to pay $1,500 apiece if they desire a test edition of the product, called "Google Glass." They also will have to travel to New York, Los Angeles or the San Francisco cove area to pick up the device, which isn't predictable to be obtainable on the mass market until late this year or early next year.

Google Glass

The enthusiasm stems from the belief that Google Glass is at the front position of a new wave of technology recognized as "wearable computing." Google, Apple Inc. and numerous other companies also are working on Internet-connected wristwatches, according to available reports that have cited anonymous people recognizable with the projects.

Google Glass is theoretical to perform many of the similar tasks as smart phones, except the glasses react to voice commands instead of fingers touching a display screen. The glasses are prepared with a hidden camera and tiny display screen friendly to a rim beyond the right eye.

The engineers who have been edifice Google Glass tout the technology as a way to keep people connected to their email, online social networks and other essential information without having to regularly gaze down at the small screen on a Smartphone. The hidden camera is intended to make it easy for people to take hands-free photos or video of anything they are doing.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google Chrome updates with improved spell checking

Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Windows, OS X, and Linux established a fairly immense update today. The browser got knock up to version 26, and it comes with spell check development, desktop shortcuts for multiple synopsis on Windows, and an asynchronous DNS resolver on Mac and Linux versions, as well as the customary bug fixes and performance upgrading.

The improved spell checking is relatively a bump up from conventional spell checking that we’ve recognized. Google Chrome’s spell checker checks for grammar this time approximately, as well as proper nouns, homonyms, and circumstance responsive spell checking. All you have to do is facilitate the “Ask Google for proposal” spell check characteristic in settings.

Of course, Google Search and Google Docs have had the new spell checking feature for pretty some time, but now it’s coming generally in Google Chrome on any website, which is attractive cool. The update will be progressing out in the next couple of weeks, so don’t worry if you’re not considering the update right away, as it’s still being unrestricted.

As for the desktop shortcuts characteristic for multiple users, Google Chrome users who split a computer can now create shortcuts on their desktop of Google Chrome for each precise user in the family. This eradicates the need to open up Chrome and physically switch accounts a great quality if you have various people in your household using one computer.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Google Penguin Update Become a Stricter

According to a recent study by a famous internet marketing company, Google is progressively reducing its acceptance of webspam, with Google likely to punish sites with just 50% doubtful links in their link profiles.

When Google Penguin was introduced, a site required 80% doubtful links in their link profile before a punishment was acquire. This means that Google’s acceptance has decreased by 30% and Google Penguin updates are attractive stricter.

Some in the SEO society are concerned that the tendency for lower tolerance of spammy links could continue. But the inquiry is how low will Google go? The new follows a lot of assumption this week concerning another high profile Google update.

Rumors have been socialize that a 25th Google Panda update might have landed, but no executive confirmation from Google has been conventional; and none is likely to be forthcoming, after the search enormous confirmed that they would no longer declare Google Panda Updates.

Instead, Panda refreshes will be integrated into Google’s overall enduring algorithm updates, and would probably be rolled out over several days, with a less undeviating and visible effect.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google Update: Google Panda Update Coming Within Days

You can anticipate another Google Panda update to revolve out this Friday or Monday, according to Google’s illustrious Engineer Matt Cutts. Also, Cutts has exposed that Google is working on an important modify to the Penguin algorithm.

Panda is Google’s algorithm intended at developing high-quality sites superior in search results. It was first unconfined in February 2011. The next Panda update (or refresh) is due to appear whichever Friday (March 15) or Monday (March 18, Cutts said according to gossip coming out of the SMX West meeting. Google’s last Panda refresh (and only one so far in 2013) was January 22 and pretentious 1.2 percent of English uncertainty.

It isn’t known when the next Penguin update will appear, but Cutts exposed Google is working on a “new generation of Penguin.” The Penguin algorithm, originally unconfined last April, was designed to diminish web spam and also hit website that had association outline that emerge unnatural. The most current Penguin rejuvenate was in October.

Also, Cutts said the update will be important and one of the most talked about Google algorithm updates this year. This would create that two years running. Cutts also put out word that Google plans to objective more link networks this year, contain one or two big ones inside the next few weeks.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Google Update: Google street view update leave Apple lost in the wilderness

Google Map

The importance of mapping software was taken for decided for many years until Apple rapidly snatch the rug from under millions of its users by replacing the attempt and trusted Google Maps service for its own, with somewhat devastating results.

At the time there was an enormous uproar from customers and chief executive Tim Cook was required into a public apology, even suggest users download rivals' services. However, he assures the firm would come well with its produce.

It may well do, but it has a long way to go if Google's latest Street View update on Thursday is something to go by. The company is busy implementation its second lap of the world with its cars, adding up new locations such as Mother Russia and revise UK cities so we can see which adverts have been distorted on billboards over the last few years.

Clearly, Google has a enormous headstart in this cartographical fight and is not going to rest on its success waiting for rivals like Apple to, or Microsoft which is also setting about mapping the world's main road and byways, to catch up.

Google is also going off road with way that can be only be entrance on foot in the wilderness, or into renowned buildings such as museums and its possess offices.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Google Update: Google Unannounced the Penguin Updates

Google has reacted to rumors of unannounced Google Penguin updates by decline that any have taken place. The declaration followed the release of a recent Google video which optional that an update to Google’s anti-spam filter strength have taken place.

The last official Google Penguin update was established in October 2012. It was the third Penguin update and took consign more than four months ago. But a video published lately characteristic Google’s John Mueller who responds to a question regarding updates in a way which many understand to mean that more regular updates did take place unexpected.

When Google was asked to observation on this they react by saying that his comments referred to ordinary ‘link analysis’ refreshes and not refreshes of the Penguin algorithm. They further that there had been no updates to the Google algorithm while the one confirmed in late 2012. They also openly confirmed that they do not carry out usual updates in the way that they do with Google Panda updates.

While the Google Panda algorithm is now updated on a mostly month to month basis, Google has not yet established the next one, but a refresh is predictable to hit over the next few days. Google Penguin was first updated on April 24 2012, and 3.1% of English language uncertainty was impacted but since then there have merely been two successive updates. One took place on 26 May 2012 and exaggerated less than 0.1% of English language search queries. The second was the 5 October 2012 update which exaggerated just 0.3% of English language investigates queries.