Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Updates Earth Android for adds Street View

Whether you’re on base seem for the best sushi place in a new neighborhood or you’d like to do several virtual archaeology approximately Pompeii, we’re all explorers of the world approximately us in our own way. Your description of escapade is unique, so we like to offer numerous ways to explore the world.

With the latest version of Google Earth for Android or iOS – now obtainable in more than 100 countries – your effective adventures will be yet more astonishing and immersive.

Have you ever required taking a tour of Stonehenge or repeating the steps of Christopher Columbus? With the adding of Street View to Google Earth for mobile devices, you can discover many sites from street level accurate on your mobile device.

And with the new smooth interface, a simple click of the Earth symbol in top left will give you quick admission to more information through deposit like Panoramic Photos and Wikipedia. Just in case you choose to visit these places manually, Google Earth’s enhanced directions facilitate you to visualize step-by-step transfer, walking and biking directions in full 3D.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Google Android 5.0 Update and Apple iOS 7 Update

I turn on my S3, see the cyanogenmod boot cartoon, and then I can do a group of things directly away: Swipe left to my Power Amp widget, left again to my Google Keep widget, or right to the usual camera widget. I also contain 5 apps set for rapid swiping from the locker itself. I can swipe down my announcement shade and see new emails, texts, calls, words with friend’s moves, etc.

After undo the S3, Dash Clock widget shows me the time and any remaining notice, counting the weather. I have 0 images on my home screen. I also merely have one home screen. Nova launcher lets me use signal and taps to open apps, and so do tartlet controls, which let me open apps still if I’m in additional apps, which is tremendously suitable.

I listen to music with Power amp on android, and it’s immense because of its equalizer, notice darkness controls, lock screen widget, and LOADS of customization alternative.

Pie controls and the open apps view in Android make multitasking improved than in iOS because it’s much earlier to get to apps, but an additional thing is that Android keeps apps open longer. Real Racing 3, for example, stays open in the surroundings while I check facebook and twitter, and I can resume my race after exit it for 10 minutes.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pebble Android Application updated to 1.8.2 with Google Support

Pebble smart watch owners have been without a dependable way to obtain notifications for Google immediate messages since associate was launched at Google I/O, at least if they rely on first-party solutions. Today's update to the official Pebble app changes that, with inhabitant support for the Hangouts app for both messages and video Hangout needs.If you've continue realistic to the older Google Talk app, it's still maintain as well.

Other changes are meager the official change log reveal only the standard constancy tweaks and some developer-side development. Feedbacks from reviews in the Play Store are optimistic, and on my own Pebble unit, things are working just fine. Remember that there are bounty of third-party another for system-wide notice, like Pebble Notified, if you get exhausted of waiting for the official app to update.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Google recover market share in rouse of SEO updates

Given Google’s recent algorithm updates, marketers might have concerned their content marketing efforts would not be sufficient to avoid search penalties. However, comScore‘s May 2013 data for United States Searching Engine Rankings shows Google’s expansion have only helped the company reclaim market share from competitors.

While Bing and Yahoo have also introduced new features to advance user experience, marketers should feel convinced building search marketing approach around Google’s ranking signals.

At the end of May 2013, Google introduced Penguin 2.0, and violent algorithm update that finds and discipline sites with high volumes of spam links. The search engine wasn’t finished – Brafton lately reported Google made two more main announcements.

One was exposed in a Tweet from Search Engineer Matt Cutts, who supposed the search engine launched a new spam-fighting search signal. Cutts also referenced a preceding video that explains Google’s plans to eliminate satisfied such as payday loans and pornography. The other – a mobile investigate update to combat Smartphone misconfigurations – was publicize in a Webmaster Central Blog post.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Google Penguin Update 2013: How Evolve link building into real SEO

Google has just rolled out Penguin Update 2.0, a large algorithmic update talented to go “deeper” than the 2012 Penguin release, which put soreness on websites with number of scheming links in their profile.

Google's Panda update is a dissimilar liberate than Penguin. Panda is geared toward duplicative, thin, or spun satisfied on websites.

Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts lately stated that Google is essentially pulling back on Panda because of too many false positives. This is good for news aggregators and other sites that reclaim satisfied suitably and have been hit hard by the Panda filter.

Your SEO won't be victorious if it isn't helpful. To serve a need, webmasters must understand what the listeners are seeking. Keyword research, as always, is serious. While doing keyword research don’t exaggerate head terms or money keywords. Focusing on long-tail keywords renders more instant results, increases the width of a website (remember Panda), and builds influence that will finally help the head term.

In my estimation, content marketing is the new link building. Earn gratitude, social spread, and back links by giving away precious information for free. Excellent content has high listener’s value and points readers to other resources via deliberation.

Video is a brilliant form of content marketing that is still under exploit by small businesses. And news jacking is a rising form of content marketing that especially targets hot news topics for viral spread.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Google Update: Google glass receiving XE6 Updates

Google is pushing a new monthly update to Glass owners with some attractive unbelievable development to photo captures along with a few additional not as exciting things. The update follows description XE5 from May 8th and, as you strength have guessed, is numbered XE6.

So what are these incredible improvements to photo-taking? It all comes down to the Glass team allow HDR mode, which leads to better photos in dazzling and particularly low-light situations.

HDR mode (High Dynamic Range) works by capturing numerous shots at once at different disclosure levels and then combination them together into one, and let me tell you - if the examples they've picked out will be indeed delegate of average upgrading to Glass' camera, I'll be more than frightened.

The rest of the bullet points in XE6 aren't nearly as exhilarating - you can now add transcribed captions to photos and videos, the head-on exposure and Google Now's Sports cards work enhanced, there's now a Birthdays card, and several concern that weren't worthy of a mention were fixed.