Friday, June 14, 2013

Google recover market share in rouse of SEO updates

Given Google’s recent algorithm updates, marketers might have concerned their content marketing efforts would not be sufficient to avoid search penalties. However, comScore‘s May 2013 data for United States Searching Engine Rankings shows Google’s expansion have only helped the company reclaim market share from competitors.

While Bing and Yahoo have also introduced new features to advance user experience, marketers should feel convinced building search marketing approach around Google’s ranking signals.

At the end of May 2013, Google introduced Penguin 2.0, and violent algorithm update that finds and discipline sites with high volumes of spam links. The search engine wasn’t finished – Brafton lately reported Google made two more main announcements.

One was exposed in a Tweet from Search Engineer Matt Cutts, who supposed the search engine launched a new spam-fighting search signal. Cutts also referenced a preceding video that explains Google’s plans to eliminate satisfied such as payday loans and pornography. The other – a mobile investigate update to combat Smartphone misconfigurations – was publicize in a Webmaster Central Blog post.

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