Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Google Android 5.0 Update and Apple iOS 7 Update

I turn on my S3, see the cyanogenmod boot cartoon, and then I can do a group of things directly away: Swipe left to my Power Amp widget, left again to my Google Keep widget, or right to the usual camera widget. I also contain 5 apps set for rapid swiping from the locker itself. I can swipe down my announcement shade and see new emails, texts, calls, words with friend’s moves, etc.

After undo the S3, Dash Clock widget shows me the time and any remaining notice, counting the weather. I have 0 images on my home screen. I also merely have one home screen. Nova launcher lets me use signal and taps to open apps, and so do tartlet controls, which let me open apps still if I’m in additional apps, which is tremendously suitable.

I listen to music with Power amp on android, and it’s immense because of its equalizer, notice darkness controls, lock screen widget, and LOADS of customization alternative.

Pie controls and the open apps view in Android make multitasking improved than in iOS because it’s much earlier to get to apps, but an additional thing is that Android keeps apps open longer. Real Racing 3, for example, stays open in the surroundings while I check facebook and twitter, and I can resume my race after exit it for 10 minutes.

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