Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pebble Android Application updated to 1.8.2 with Google Support

Pebble smart watch owners have been without a dependable way to obtain notifications for Google immediate messages since associate was launched at Google I/O, at least if they rely on first-party solutions. Today's update to the official Pebble app changes that, with inhabitant support for the Hangouts app for both messages and video Hangout needs.If you've continue realistic to the older Google Talk app, it's still maintain as well.

Other changes are meager the official change log reveal only the standard constancy tweaks and some developer-side development. Feedbacks from reviews in the Play Store are optimistic, and on my own Pebble unit, things are working just fine. Remember that there are bounty of third-party another for system-wide notice, like Pebble Notified, if you get exhausted of waiting for the official app to update.

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