Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Google Update: Google glass receiving XE6 Updates

Google is pushing a new monthly update to Glass owners with some attractive unbelievable development to photo captures along with a few additional not as exciting things. The update follows description XE5 from May 8th and, as you strength have guessed, is numbered XE6.

So what are these incredible improvements to photo-taking? It all comes down to the Glass team allow HDR mode, which leads to better photos in dazzling and particularly low-light situations.

HDR mode (High Dynamic Range) works by capturing numerous shots at once at different disclosure levels and then combination them together into one, and let me tell you - if the examples they've picked out will be indeed delegate of average upgrading to Glass' camera, I'll be more than frightened.

The rest of the bullet points in XE6 aren't nearly as exhilarating - you can now add transcribed captions to photos and videos, the head-on exposure and Google Now's Sports cards work enhanced, there's now a Birthdays card, and several concern that weren't worthy of a mention were fixed.

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