Saturday, December 29, 2012

Google Extends the Free calls for Gmail Users

One of the features of Gmail that is all too often swept under the bus and beyond about is the aptitude to call any phone using Google Voice for free. Of course, this only related for users in the US and Canada, but it are a splendid feature nevertheless, and one that users should most positively take benefit of.

Well, Gmail users will be competent to use the repair to make free domestic voice calls for another year, as Google has just declared that is expand the use of the service through all of 2013.

To use the characteristic in Gmail, simply pop out the chat menu and you will see a small icon that looks approximating a phone handset. Click this icon, and you will be proficient to dial any domestic phone number and make a call, just like you were with a definite phone.

If you want to make calls that are not inside your domestic province using Google Voice although Gmail you can, but it will not be free. Charge for international calls start off as low as $.02 per minute, depending on where you need to call. Overall, the rates are quite sensible, and if you only need to formulate domestic calls, the price of free is concerning as good as it gets.

This is the first time Google has extensive the free calling period of Google Voice for Gmail client. The service first debuted in 2010, and every year since Google has proclaimed that it is expanding the free period through the next year. Will they always modify? Only time will tell, but for the time creature, you can definitely like making free calls, as long you exist in the US or Canada.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How will do SEO in 2013

Whether you're new in the game or an experienced activist, you would have noticed by now that Search Engine Optimization is by no resources a walk in the park. Algorithm modify get made a mass of times annually; 516 changes were completed by Google alone in 2010, and they're now the ones they tell us about. As a result, reside on top of the game is quite a task for anyone, entity or team.

A lot of advisors in the industry, whether it be by direct accomplishment or via a series of research, have experiment in the art of tactical play to try and “game the algorithm” to their benefit in some way or another.

One example of this is ‘link building’ the practice of escalating the amount of inbound links to any given site. Because one part of the search engine algorithm looks at the superiority and capacity of inbound links to a site, if we contrast two sites, A and B, we can better determine quality, significance and rank based (not solely) on these inbound links. So the rational succession would be to acquire as many links as probable to help augment search engine visibility.

For a though this approach worked. People did something they could to basis inbound links and were satisfied with high rankings. However, this is no longer the case. It's 2012 and investigate engines are quite complicated. Link building, along with a host of other old SEO procedure, no longer cut the mustard, and as a consequence, those of us in the SEO society have had to change. To that point, Mike King lately wrote a post argue how SEO as an business needs more focus on strategy and less on tactics.

In retrospect, search engines' stance beside these methods shouldn't have taken us by revelation. Google, particularly, have always espoused a attitude that runs counter to shady SEO tactics. The dissimilarity is that now, with their more intellectual algorithm, they have the tools to impose their philosophy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

LG expand Google TV ranges

Consumer electronics giant LG Electronics is to make a major improvement to its Google TV selection, initiation seven models in five screen sizes throughout 2013. Even after two years' accessibility, the jury is efficiently still out on the Google TV proposal and the service's history to date has been determined by a general lack of necessary hardware as well as subject concerning forceful content.

A major drive by a CE firm of LG's position will be a enormous stimulus to Google TV and, to be reveal at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the new line-up will include two model series - GA7900 and GA6400 - designed, claims LG, to deliver "an exceptionally perceptive user experience, different sizes and new design to better meet consumers' expectations."

The sets will also merge Google's latest podium and LG's redesigned Magic Qwerty Remote to augment the efficiency of voice search and the PrimeTime quick guide. A rationalized Home Dashboard offers rationalized access to premium video-on-demand (VOD) satisfied from HBO GO, YouTube and from Google apps. The console now offers 'cards' that act as folders to exhibit apps and other contented.

Connectivity options contain the capability to pair a YouTube app revise for Android, Smartphone and tablets with Google TV over the same home network via Wi-Fi. LG Google TV will also offer the OnLive app pre-installed, which change the TV into a gaming podium without the need for a divide comfort.

Google Update : Currents With Search Technology

Search engine giant Google has declared that it has overhaul its Currents, which allows users to determine, share and read news opening, blogs and online magazines. Google Currents, a social magazine app for tablets computers was released in December 2011 and currently accessible for Android and iOS strategy.

The updated Currents create it easier for users to scan through their favourite group and specific version with the swipe of a finger, said Google. "We're overhauling Currents to make it even easier to inspect during all your favorite categories and specific version with just the swipe of a finger, "said Mussie Shore, Group Product Manager at Google.

Shore additional added, "We're using some of the knowledge after Search to bring contravention stories on those personality scandals, stock market updates, the next technology frontier and more." Google maintain that it has restructured its Current app to facilitate its users to scan news, blog posts according to group. "We're now grouping version into categories to help you keep track of your accessible contribution and discover new ones," added Shore.

The restore Currents allow users to check editions associated to their interests throughout categories like News, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle and more. All of your satisfied will be grouped in these categories, nearby from a sidebar, and you can categorize your editions in every category with favorites on top, said Shore.

With the recent update, Google claims, it has also facilitated easy browsing familiarity for its users. "We've also made it easy to quickly browse during top articles from all your preferred editions in a category-just take horizontally."

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Google's Panda & Penguin Updates for SEO

Google Penguin update penalizes the spam websites and restrictions the ‘duplicate content’ & ‘high keyword density’ in the website. The websites which are not according to the Google standard are punishable or panelized which influence the position of websites in search engine fallout. 

 Firstly, go through the satisfied you have added on your websites and find the replica text which you have derivative from any other website. You should not only check for the satisfied copied from websites of third party but also the content used on numerous pages of your website. 

According to Google guidelines, the websites should be completed for readers and not for investigate engines. So, the satisfied in the article should be clear, educational and according to the needs of user. You might have been competent of scoring the high location by giving honest content and wadding keyword.

Mostly, we prefer the computer screen to interrelate with people particularly the webmasters, which are not adequate for success. You must be keep in touch with your own listeners, answer to their inquiry and most of them will join you on social media. Interacting with listeners on social networks will not only magnetize more traffic towards website but also gives your website a quality character. 

Google penguin update was commencing on 24th April. The main aim of the Google penguin is to purpose spam websites. Spam websites are those websites that uses Black hat method like wadding keywords etc. Due to this black hat crusade your website could get in problem.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Huge Wave of Google App Update Hit iOS, Android

Google just brings iPhone and Android phone consumer a holiday gift. Google Maps has revisit to the iPhone, this time in the form of its own divide app, while Google obtainable the company's Flipboard-style online periodical app for Android received a considerable update as well.

Besides the two huge updates, about a half-dozen other apps for Android and Google TV conventional bug fixes and innovative features, according to Android Police blogger Ryan Whitwam. Here's a seem at what to anticipate, and where the irregular edges still lay.

It was strictly never there to begin with; the iPhone merely had a "Maps" app integrated, which used Google Maps' data. But a few months ago, Apple toggled from using Google's map data to its own, which reasons no end of problems as Apple's data was inaccurate much more often. These problems were sometimes entertaining, but in at least one case they were hazardous, as numerous motorists had to be salvage after becoming abandoned inside an Australian national park.

Google Maps has moreover conventional a thumbs-down from the Victoria police in Australia, but is regarded as more dependable overall. It's a entirely new app this time, and while it has at least one "Android-ism" according to tech specialist John Gruber (an Ice Cream Sandwich-style menu button), it's description to work well and doesn't confirm ads like the YouTube app does.

The update to digital publication app Google present brings its features more in line with Google Reader, the tech giant's online newsreader app which can monitor roughly any website for updates. Like Google Reader, present can now "star" stories to put them in a divide list, can show which narratives you've previously read, and has a widget to put on your Android home screen.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Google Play Books Updated with Read Aloud and Zoom Capability

The Google Play Books app for Android conventional its major update since September, adding a new clear “Read Aloud” feature, dissimilar zooming options, and new note restriction features. 

The Read Aloud characteristic reads your books out loud to you. The voice is mainly robotic, but it’s a free feature that comes with a free app. 

While the Read Aloud characteristic may not have the best voice character and isn’t as refined as something like Amazon’s incorporation with Audible audiobooks, the feature works in a squeeze and will allow you to have your eyes on amazing else while your phone or tablet reads aloud a book to you whereas you listen.

The Books app also features new zooming ability, allowing you to moreover pinch-to-zoom or double-tap to zoom, both of which are frequent features in mobile web browsers and other apps previously. 

Just like the Read Aloud characteristic, zooming in and out works will all books, so there’s no require to do any arrangement or chase down exact books. 

The update also includes suggestion for other titles you might like when you’ve arrive at the end of a book, and all text restriction features are obtainable for notes. Plus, as with any update, the new Books app comes with frequent bug fixes and presentation improvement to improve the user familiarity overall.

Google Update hits the SEO Market

Designed to ignore links and keyword-heavy content generate solely to advance investigate rankings, the 'penguin' and 'panda' updates ensure that Google favours and prioritises usual, user-friendly copy. The SEO commerce had been hit hard by the updates, forcing much commerce to re-visit their web advance or even close their doors. 

Prior to these updates, SEO firms would regularly rely on irregular link building programmers to develop rankings, and would even run their own networks of websites merely to offer a podium for building more abnormal links. 

Now, if a website encloses links that are believe by Google to have been acquired abnormally, they are classed as spam, which involve where the website is scheduled in the search results. In recent years, SEO rigid and their clients have completed millions from websites in false situation at the top of investigate listings.

Suddenly it's necessary to add high quality human-generated satisfied to get the same results, but because many SEO stiff are set up largely to build links, they unexpectedly find themselves having to reinvent their whole business. 

 We have dealt with situation where SEO firms have been advertising more and more links, quite than address the matter, because selling links is so recognizable to them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Sync gets the Updates at End of Year

Google Sync is one of a cluster of products that Google Inc. is modifying or concluding in the next few months. Midsize commerce that uses the products has a heads up to the changes so that they can arrange other solutions to keep operations running effortlessly. 

As per Google's Official Blog post, the business is shutting down some yield and services to keep up with the 2012 declaration to create "beautiful, useful products that advance millions of people's lives each day." This post from Venkat Panchapakesan, vice president of engineering, explains the choices are "difficult." 

Another of the concluding products is the concern Tracker Data API. Issue Tracker lets programmers insert and see issues on Project Hosting on Google Code, the open-source host. The document closes legitimately on June 14, 2013. The app Punched and two assembly features in Calendar also secure in the New Year.

While the Google App for Business is not altering, some midsize businesses may at present instead use bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy under Google Sync for mobile strategy rather than the Business app description. These businesses now know they need to make changes to events for new employees previous to the cutoff date at end of January. The commerce may want to move over to the Google App for commerce instead. 

Midsize businesses that choose to maintain with BYOD strategy have a comparatively new set of tools to learn once Sync closes. They can move to Google's CarDAV, IMAP, and CalDAV to coordinate emails, calendars, and associates. Both iOS and Android widget support the tools. The midsize venture need to organize employees for the changes before end of January, given that many infrastructure are by email and people frequently post business meetings to calendars.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Overcoming the Google Panda, EMD and Disavow Updates for SEO

When it comes to updating the search algorithm, Google takes some prickly steps to make sure that they preserve the actual implement of white hat SEO. The only saying following this is to carry better and much more dependable search results to the users. 

Continuing on this line, this time too, the EMD update that Google launched beside with the Panda update will concern a check and decrease the “low quality” accurate match domains in the search results. Disavow was yet an added blow to conventional link building. Site owners can at the present clean low quality outbound links off their site. 

The traditional way to find a place in the top 10 rankings is to catalog a domain and build an influence site. The more accurate the keyword characteristic in the domain name is, the higher is the opportunity of ranking well. The new EMD update will take exploit beside these sites, and offer a more natural and proper result oriented search to the users. 

Any authentic and rightful website in any niche will have high excellence unique content, rich user experience, and a logically acquired various backlink magazine. It might be true that ranking a website in the normal way is time-consuming, but it is unquestionably the most efficient and the straight onward way to update evidence the website. 

Guest posting is one of the earlier link building technique during which it is possible to reach out to a wider segment of readers. Today, most influence sites in any function allow a few backlinks for guest posts with high quality exclusive content.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Now SEO's Foucusing on Bing Search Engine Optimization along with default Google

When SEO’s think of optimizing a website; the only search engine stage that plays base to all their efforts, inventive ideas, and in addition what they blindly depend upon lacking having a second thought is “Google”.

We decline to think out of the box, owing to the leading position that Google holds in the search engine world. But things keep altering and never remain the same always. As New Year is widely conventional as a time to start fresh, and people make decision to better themselves, SEO too needs a refresh based on an estimate. 

Bing’s enlarge of share in the search engine market; right after the impressive Google updates (four within two weeks) hit normal Google dependents for their business. And, there is none to deny the actuality that Microsoft powered search engines, Bing and Yahoo jointly occupy 25% of the total search engine market share. Again, very lately was unconfined the Bing webmaster strategy. 

Have you ever suffers that Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ OR ‘BingItOn’ crusade launched beside Google showcase at least 10% truth, if not for a enormous 100%? Please do not mistake me for making biased statements; the motive is I am no big fan of Bing too. 

Bing needs pinch done to the way it is obtainable now. And probably by the end of year 2013, Microsoft & Yahoo might supervise to occupy 40% of the search engine market share. Now as an SEO, I would like to propose you that there are people who use only Bing for penetrating online.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Google Released Snapseed for Android, Updates iOS Version

Just a couple of months ago, Google obtain photo-editing app Snapseed. The company is now liberate an Android version of the app, as well as updates the iOS version. The best part, still, is that they’ve dropped the price of both versions to no cost at all, carry superior photo-editing tools to iOS and Android users for free. 

The app features basic restriction tools like tune, straighten, and crop and it also comes with dissimilar original filters like black & white and period that you can apply independently to photos or in combination. There’s also a characteristic called Control Point, which allows you to selectively correct your photo by lighten just a face or darken just the sky. 

The app now also comes with Google+ combination, allowing you to easily split your Snapseed creations flawlessly with your friends on Google’s social network. You can also tag other Google+ members and share to precise Circles. It’s yet one more method that will confidently persuade users to take advantage of the company’s social association site. 

The inventor of the app have shout that Snapseed isn’t a contestant to Instagram, and they’re nowhere close to inadequate to copy the popular photo-sharing app. Google has made it clear that it’s not a head-to-head combat with Instagram, since Google’s approach is to go after the users who want more customization when restriction photos, instead of just relate retro filters.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Google Updates Translate, Authenticator, Voice and 5 Other Applications

In adding to Google Search, the Google Translate, Authenticator, and Voice apps - along with five others - have been efficient today as well, though these revisions aren't quite as exhilarating as new Google Now cards.

First, the Translate app conventional a bump to 2.5.3, adding text gratitude via the camera translates purpose for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Handwriting appreciation has been additional for a number of new languages, as well, counting: Afrikaans, Croatian, Czech, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Welsh.

Google Voice is now at (which just made me appreciate, Google still believe this a pre-1.0 app after over 2 years, yikes), and adds a much desirable fix for a bug that caused duplicate notice to appear until cleared on each apparatus with the Google Voice app installed (Update: as far as I can tell, the inbox syncing issue across devices remnants unfixed - bummer). I am very happy about this one, myself. It also fixes delayed SMS notice, if you be having that issue.

Google Authenticator has been updated to 2.35, and comprises bug fixes in the description setup area, as well as UI development. Hit up the Play Store relations for each of these to grip the updates now, if you're not decision them on your apparatus.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Google Launches Gmail 2.0 for iOS with New Design for Android Users

Gmail 2.0 has been instigated on the iPhone and iPad, and it brings a slide of new functions to Apple iOS strategy. The update also comprises a completely remained intend for Gmail, contribution much more white space and an easy-to-read exhibit arrangement. 

The new Gmail for iOS includes numerous features that were integrated in preceding updates made to the Android version of the app. New features comprise profile pictures in messages, frequent new animatronics (swivels, transitions and infinite scrolling in the message lists) and much more. Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt explains all the new features in a present blog post. 

The enhanced layout of Gmail on iOS is instantly perceptible when booting the new update. It looks conspicuously comparable to Sparrow's Gmail app, which isn't much of a disclosure allowing for Google obtain Sparrow earlier this year. Gmail version 2.0 appears to be honestly inspired by Sparrow's indoctrination and design efforts. 

In addition to the new layout, Gmail for iOS will now contain numerous features that make cross-platform statement easier between Google services. For instance, the new Gmail app allows users to respond to Google+ messages and execute other Google+ functions within the new Gmail app. 

Gmail for iOS also permit users to RSVP to Google Calendar request straight from within a message. Perhaps most prominently, Gmail 2.0 includes sustain for multiple accounts. For anybody that manages commerce and individual accounts on Gmail, this characteristic is likely a lifesaver.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Google Webmaster tool Security(Current Status Update)

Our Bob Jones reported yesterday on a furvor over Google Webmaster Tools having had solemn refuge issues. Having contacted Google myself, the company’s official answer to the state was approaching today. Google insists the “access granted” problem was highly contained, and that the problem has since been determined. 

By way of background, while some originally thought the news SEO expert Dave Naylor broke strength have been a hoax of some kind, in realism admission to Webmaster was decided to some unlawful persons. Essentially, what Naylor found was that access to Google Webmaster Tools for some websites somehow reverted rearward to allow “past” workers or contractors admission to company sites they no longer works for. 

In adding, their spokesperson additional that Google Analytics had not been impacted, as had been optional by some reports. From what I can glean from their declaration, Google carried out amazing of an exploration into precisely what went awry, and found no occurrence of Analytics being part of the “restricted” occurrence. 

The noticeable questions most people have being still appropriate, positively it would seem Google is taking steps to defend against a repeat occurrence. Judging from the comparatively lite exposure and irritable about the occurrence at Google Webmaster tools forums, it seems safe to suppose all is well that ends well this time.