Friday, December 7, 2012

Google Released Snapseed for Android, Updates iOS Version

Just a couple of months ago, Google obtain photo-editing app Snapseed. The company is now liberate an Android version of the app, as well as updates the iOS version. The best part, still, is that they’ve dropped the price of both versions to no cost at all, carry superior photo-editing tools to iOS and Android users for free. 

The app features basic restriction tools like tune, straighten, and crop and it also comes with dissimilar original filters like black & white and period that you can apply independently to photos or in combination. There’s also a characteristic called Control Point, which allows you to selectively correct your photo by lighten just a face or darken just the sky. 

The app now also comes with Google+ combination, allowing you to easily split your Snapseed creations flawlessly with your friends on Google’s social network. You can also tag other Google+ members and share to precise Circles. It’s yet one more method that will confidently persuade users to take advantage of the company’s social association site. 

The inventor of the app have shout that Snapseed isn’t a contestant to Instagram, and they’re nowhere close to inadequate to copy the popular photo-sharing app. Google has made it clear that it’s not a head-to-head combat with Instagram, since Google’s approach is to go after the users who want more customization when restriction photos, instead of just relate retro filters.

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