Sunday, December 9, 2012

Now SEO's Foucusing on Bing Search Engine Optimization along with default Google

When SEO’s think of optimizing a website; the only search engine stage that plays base to all their efforts, inventive ideas, and in addition what they blindly depend upon lacking having a second thought is “Google”.

We decline to think out of the box, owing to the leading position that Google holds in the search engine world. But things keep altering and never remain the same always. As New Year is widely conventional as a time to start fresh, and people make decision to better themselves, SEO too needs a refresh based on an estimate. 

Bing’s enlarge of share in the search engine market; right after the impressive Google updates (four within two weeks) hit normal Google dependents for their business. And, there is none to deny the actuality that Microsoft powered search engines, Bing and Yahoo jointly occupy 25% of the total search engine market share. Again, very lately was unconfined the Bing webmaster strategy. 

Have you ever suffers that Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ OR ‘BingItOn’ crusade launched beside Google showcase at least 10% truth, if not for a enormous 100%? Please do not mistake me for making biased statements; the motive is I am no big fan of Bing too. 

Bing needs pinch done to the way it is obtainable now. And probably by the end of year 2013, Microsoft & Yahoo might supervise to occupy 40% of the search engine market share. Now as an SEO, I would like to propose you that there are people who use only Bing for penetrating online.

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