Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Huge Wave of Google App Update Hit iOS, Android

Google just brings iPhone and Android phone consumer a holiday gift. Google Maps has revisit to the iPhone, this time in the form of its own divide app, while Google obtainable the company's Flipboard-style online periodical app for Android received a considerable update as well.

Besides the two huge updates, about a half-dozen other apps for Android and Google TV conventional bug fixes and innovative features, according to Android Police blogger Ryan Whitwam. Here's a seem at what to anticipate, and where the irregular edges still lay.

It was strictly never there to begin with; the iPhone merely had a "Maps" app integrated, which used Google Maps' data. But a few months ago, Apple toggled from using Google's map data to its own, which reasons no end of problems as Apple's data was inaccurate much more often. These problems were sometimes entertaining, but in at least one case they were hazardous, as numerous motorists had to be salvage after becoming abandoned inside an Australian national park.

Google Maps has moreover conventional a thumbs-down from the Victoria police in Australia, but is regarded as more dependable overall. It's a entirely new app this time, and while it has at least one "Android-ism" according to tech specialist John Gruber (an Ice Cream Sandwich-style menu button), it's description to work well and doesn't confirm ads like the YouTube app does.

The update to digital publication app Google present brings its features more in line with Google Reader, the tech giant's online newsreader app which can monitor roughly any website for updates. Like Google Reader, present can now "star" stories to put them in a divide list, can show which narratives you've previously read, and has a widget to put on your Android home screen.

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