Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google Update : Currents With Search Technology

Search engine giant Google has declared that it has overhaul its Currents, which allows users to determine, share and read news opening, blogs and online magazines. Google Currents, a social magazine app for tablets computers was released in December 2011 and currently accessible for Android and iOS strategy.

The updated Currents create it easier for users to scan through their favourite group and specific version with the swipe of a finger, said Google. "We're overhauling Currents to make it even easier to inspect during all your favorite categories and specific version with just the swipe of a finger, "said Mussie Shore, Group Product Manager at Google.

Shore additional added, "We're using some of the knowledge after Search to bring contravention stories on those personality scandals, stock market updates, the next technology frontier and more." Google maintain that it has restructured its Current app to facilitate its users to scan news, blog posts according to group. "We're now grouping version into categories to help you keep track of your accessible contribution and discover new ones," added Shore.

The restore Currents allow users to check editions associated to their interests throughout categories like News, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle and more. All of your satisfied will be grouped in these categories, nearby from a sidebar, and you can categorize your editions in every category with favorites on top, said Shore.

With the recent update, Google claims, it has also facilitated easy browsing familiarity for its users. "We've also made it easy to quickly browse during top articles from all your preferred editions in a category-just take horizontally."

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