Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Google Launches Gmail 2.0 for iOS with New Design for Android Users

Gmail 2.0 has been instigated on the iPhone and iPad, and it brings a slide of new functions to Apple iOS strategy. The update also comprises a completely remained intend for Gmail, contribution much more white space and an easy-to-read exhibit arrangement. 

The new Gmail for iOS includes numerous features that were integrated in preceding updates made to the Android version of the app. New features comprise profile pictures in messages, frequent new animatronics (swivels, transitions and infinite scrolling in the message lists) and much more. Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt explains all the new features in a present blog post. 

The enhanced layout of Gmail on iOS is instantly perceptible when booting the new update. It looks conspicuously comparable to Sparrow's Gmail app, which isn't much of a disclosure allowing for Google obtain Sparrow earlier this year. Gmail version 2.0 appears to be honestly inspired by Sparrow's indoctrination and design efforts. 

In addition to the new layout, Gmail for iOS will now contain numerous features that make cross-platform statement easier between Google services. For instance, the new Gmail app allows users to respond to Google+ messages and execute other Google+ functions within the new Gmail app. 

Gmail for iOS also permit users to RSVP to Google Calendar request straight from within a message. Perhaps most prominently, Gmail 2.0 includes sustain for multiple accounts. For anybody that manages commerce and individual accounts on Gmail, this characteristic is likely a lifesaver.

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