Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gmail Update Convey drive Integration and 10GB File Sharing

Gmail users will shortly be capable to add links to files stored on Google Drive, allowing easy allocation of files up to 10GB by email. The new update, which is rolling out to all Gmail users, convey much tighter addition between Google's accepted webmail podium and its rapidly improving cloud storage solution. 

When composing a new email, Gmail client will have the alternative of inserting a file from Drive, beside the established 'attach files' button which uploads a nearby accumulate a picture, document, video or what-have-you. 

Because Drive files have previously been uploaded to the cloud, and don't need to be straight attached to the email, much superior files can be inserting, with the beneficiary just following a link. In a post on the authorized Gmail blog, Product Manager Phil Sharp explained: "Have you ever tried to connect a file to a message only to find out it's too large to send? 

"Now with Drive, you can add files up to 10GB - 400 times superior than what you can drive as a customary attachment." Drive addition means receiver will always have access to the newest, most up-to-date adaptation of the file, while Gmail will also check whether all beneficiaries have been granted admission to the document. 

Sharp added: "Like a smart supporter, Gmail will also double-check that your beneficiary all has access to any files you're sending. Anyone wishing to test the latest functionality, needs to choose in for the 'new create experience' within Gmail. You'll see an request on your inbox page to the right of the 'More' button.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Google TV Update: Add Voice Search and Android Youtube Capabilities

Probably the preferred activity in the UK and a rising number of nations throughout the world, watching TV is becoming amazing of a global occurrence. With advances in home activity technology, numerous clunky remotes have emerged as the norm, occasionally necessitate a small textbook to appreciate and successfully navigate the variety of controls and options. 

Google is putting an end to all of that with their new “Voice Search” feature that is integrated in the most recent update for Google TV-capable approach, which will be first revolve out on LG’s G2 series of smart LED TVs. As the search engine massive aptly says, “Simply speak to watch anything.” 

What makes this such a influential feature, is Google’s astonishing database of movies, TV shows and YouTube videos that are all made obtainable at the expression of a single word. That’s right, say the name of your preferred actor or movie star and you will be obtainable with all of the movies, TV shows and YouTube videos that he or she is in. 

This database is easily available through the PrimeTime app, which makes inspection your favorite TV, shows and movies more expedient than ever. PrimeTime features a user-friendly interface that uses illustration comfortable and also automatically relates other TV shows and media that the user would also similar to based ahead his or her partiality. 

And to top things off, the latest Google TV update will add a syncing characteristic that links your Android-based mobile equipment to your Google TV, allowing you to push YouTube videos from your Android Smartphone or tablet straight to your television. Now you can watch all of your preferred YouTube shear and videos on your large-screen HDTV.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Google Panda Attack: Some Solutions for SEO's

SEO Experts Hit Search disclose the five key areas to advance if you’d like your site and its Google ranking to live the latest Google Panda update. A fresh Google Panda update can hit fear into the heart of online businesses and SEO agencies, but with a few easy and dependable SEO developments, your site needn’t invite the wrath of a Panda attack.  

Online Marketing for SMO: 

tI should come as no exposure that social networking enormous Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ have a major behavior on the success of your online advertising movement. Sites with strong followings on social media are seen to be trustworthy and relevant by major search engines. Since Google wants to integrate its own social network more deeply in its fallout, it certainly won’t hurt to be representing on Google+.

Remove Duplicate or Keyword Stuff Contents: 

Bad news for indolent SEO copywriters all over: Google hates keyword stuffed contented. Keyword stuffing is measured a spam method. If you have low quality, recurring content on site, get is out of there as soon as probable. 

Write the quality and effective content: 

The good news for copywriters, SEO’s and online commerce is that Google loves unique, natural and high quality satisfied that is relevant to the search, so if you have it, you’re unbelievable to get a visit from the Google Panda. Google is planned for the user. Its job is to present the user with the satisfied that they are stabbing for. This means that your site will benefit from putting the visitor first, not the search engine. Keyword excellence trumps keyword magnitude every time.

Build Proper and Quality Links: 

Another spammy SEO perform is automatic link building. The result is low excellence links from low quality sites. If your site is associated to low excellence sites which are hit by Panda, you’ll see your own site’s position slip too. This demonstrates the significance of investing in high quality link building. Just as a bad rep will rub off on your site, a link to a upright site with good Google presentation will improve the recital of your own site.  

Quality Website Design and templates: 

One of the downsides of an easy, free website plan is that this cookie-cutter website pattern may enclose secreted links to low quality content or unrelated websites. They might be veiled from you, but you can rest confident that Google will sniff them out. Consequently it could help to pinch your site design, make certain that no links are remaining within and generate a more SEO friendly design.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The New Google's Penguin 3 Update for SEO

Google’s Penguin 3 update has trapped quite a few web-masters by revelation. However, as true as always, Google is challenge to play fair and eliminate Black Hat SEO strategy. In the process, many websites have seen a major down-gradation and loss of natural traffic and consultants are busy advising web-masters on how to recuperate from the penguin update.

This was a sharp difference to the Google Panda update where the focus was on improvement web-sites with good layouts, and in this update, the focus is on preventive spamdexing. The newest update has affected 0.3% of English search queries obviously, in difference to the Penguin Updates in general, which affects around 3.1% of English explore queries.

Research designate that search engine visibility affects both traffic and adaptation of traffic to sales absolutely [1,2] and thus research in sequence Systems has gradually more focused on dissimilar issues of the suggestion of the web on business [3,4].

While the noble purpose was to hunt down web-masters using black-hat SEO method, such as keyword wadding, cloaking, contributing in link schemes, premeditated creation of duplicate satisfied, among others; the change has actually even advantage many of the small time bloggers even more who focus on a position.

The very focus on the significance of the quality and significance of backlinks has increased even more than ever. So normal linking and credentials from and to niche content supplier win a lot of “Brownie Points”.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Google Confirmed Latest Panda 3.3 Update

Google has confirmed a new Panda update as of 6 November, and also present some in sequence into how the regular search engine user might be exaggerated. The latest Google Panda update is the 21st confirmed in total, and preserve the predictable 4-6 week liberate schedule from one update to the subsequently, since the first update was unconfined on 24 February 2011. 

Panda updates can be the substance of nightmares to the SEO. It is a filter intended to keep sites with poor quality content from tidy their way into the top Google search results. If sites which have been hit prior to have made the changes essential to get better their contented, they can let alone further punishment. Alternatively, sites that have not been hit before, may not be so fortunate in a fresh update, and could be penalized as well. 

According to the search engine huge, the Google Panda update would affect 0.4% of uncertainty which a standard user might notice. But a greater quantity of English language searches in the United States would be exaggerated. In the US, 1.1% of searches in English would be pretentious. 

The first Panda update, on 24 February 2011 was commence to combat so called contented farms, which allowable websites to gain best search result real estate with ‘shallow’ or ‘low quality’ satisfied. The new algorithm instantly exaggerated around 12% of US searches. 

Like many of the updates which have herald it, the latest Google Panda update was established after being rolled out. The best way to defend your site against the consequence of a Panda updates remains to follow common strategy on quality content and positive SEO.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Google updates Blogger for Android phones and its Supports iPad

Google has rolled out major improves to its free Blogger apps for both Android and iOS, adding sustain for the iPad and other development. "Motivation for a new post can occur at any place and time: on the divan, while shopping, at a game, or in the kitchen. 

Providentially, mobile devices enable you to stay associated anywhere you are," says Google in a blog post. “With that in mind, we just started reorganized apps for both Android and iOS." 

The most illustrious update that has been rolled out is the hold up for iPad. Now users can decide countryside mode to make posts, share posts on Google+ and have the capability to view a planned post time. Google has added sustain for over 30 global languages. 

The modernized Blogger app enables users to create posts and save them as drafts. Users can also instantaneously distribute the content to their blog. There's an option to implant descriptions into posts via photo gallery on mobile phone or tablet, or click straight from the camera. 

Additionally, users can now add labels and position in sequence to their posts. The app also shows a list of saved and available posts, and allows users to switch blogging description.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Google TV Updates Voice Search for Smart TV

Google says it will begin distribution out a software update to select Google TV devices this week to add numerous new features, with broader sharing to follow. Google TV customers might familiarity a sense of deja vu: The update makes Google's Voice Search accessible, so viewers can speak into their Google TV remote to watch shows, play YouTube videos, open applications, visit websites, or behavior Google searches. 

Google previously made voice search accessible in December 2010 before it had gone expensive with capital letters as division of the Google TV Remote app for Android and iOS strategy. 

But this latest update incorporated Voice Search into the Google TV platform, taking it beyond voice dictation and content navigation. The new Voice Search relies on Google's information Graph, which allows spoken queries to be implicit more precisely. 

As an example, Google TV product managers Greg Funk and Eric Liu clarify in a blog post that speaking the expression "how to tie a bow tie" will punctual an suitable YouTube video to play. 

That's the familiarity Graph in action, interpreting the query and initiation a relevant video. Without the Knowledge grid, you'd have to speak the video's title. 

Google also has restores its TV & Movies app with an included viewing guide called PrimeTime, which is intended to make it easier to find motivating content to watch on Google TV devices.

Friday, November 16, 2012

How to use panguin tool and find SEO Issues

Google’s algorithm updates can have a big impact on natural search traffic and sales. Now that the search giant has ramped up its algorithm tweaks to occur an standard of one to two per day, it can be hard keeping track of them all. The newly introduced Panguin Tool simplifies this procedure. 

Named for this year’s biggest Google algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin, the Panguin Tool overlays a timeline of Google’s algorithm updates on your Google Analytics data. Panguin requires addition with your Google Analytics account to run, and unluckily doesn’t yet work with other analytics programs. 

Log in with your Google Analytics account in sequence and choose the analytics account to combine with Panguin. In a couple seconds a chart loads displaying your Google unrefined search visits overlie with Google’s major algorithm updates. 

Panguin permits daily and weekly views of the data, as well as the aptitude to select a tradition date range. Mousing over any of the color-coded algorithm update milestones displays a quick explanation of that meticulous update. Keep in mind the chart only shows Google’s whole look for visits and not paid search visits or Bing’s search transfer. 

This border makes sense because the algorithm updates only collision Google’s organic search traffic. As a result, the association between the peaks and vales in the analytics shown and the algorithm update landmark is as close to apples-to-apples as you can get.

LG Smart TV update lines to Google TV 3.0

Yesterday Google broadcast a big update for Google TV, adding features like voice look for and new, rebranded movie and TV guide called Primetime. The first devices to accept the update would be LG‘s line of Google TV-equipped G2 televisions, and the corporation has definitely bring right away, announcing that LG televisions are the first to receive the 3.0 update

LG smart TV owners will now be able to search for satisfied using naught but their voice. Google TV gives you access to all kinds of video satisfied, from places like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Google’s own Play store, which has over 150,000 movies and TV shows accessible, so a voice search characteristic makes a lot of sense in order to make it easier for users to investigate and find what they want. 

In calculation to voice search, Google TV has rebranded and renamed its TV & Movies request to “Primetime,” as well as renovate and updated the quick guide to let users find other video satisfied without having to navigate away from what they’re at present surveillance. The quick guide makes it easier and less conspicuous to search for shows and movies. 

LG smart televisions also come with OnLive, the obscure gaming overhaul that lets you rivulet and play games without having to have a gaming comfort or powerful computer. The OnLive mixing with LG televisions was announced back in June through E3 and the service offers over 300 games to decide from.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Google Penguin Update: What Lurks Under the Surface

Much has previously been written about the Google Penguin updates, and the crash these have had on websites and businesses. Other than clean up the excellence of Google's directory what else could the purpose of Penguin be? 

Much like the icebergs that so often enclose penguins, the Penguin updates have much, much more going on underneath the surface. In order to fully understand how an update works, we also need to understand the reason behind it. 

SEO has had a rough year. In adding up to declarations of its premature death every few weeks, algorithm changes following algorithm changes on top of algorithm updates on top of lists of wherever from 25-75 monthly tweaks to Google investigate. 

Tweaks, changes, and updates destined to not just pick up the general quality of the index, but also apparently to improve the quality of the manufacturing, the quality of SEOs, their tools, and their services.

There had always been sort of an oblique safety in the idea that if confident SEO tactics were hidden well sufficient you could get away with them even if everybody knew what you were doing. Google was focusing all of its labors at policing arduous spammers and TOS violators.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Google Chrome Browser now With Battery Saving Features

Google Tuesday released a Chrome browser update with a video decipher improvement that the company maintain will help users save battery life. The feature, obtainable for Chrome on Windows, cuts power expenditure by executing video decoding on graphics dispensation units instead of on computers' CPUs, Google said in a blog post. This is because devoted graphics chips require much less power than computers' CPUs, resultant in a 25 percent add to in battery life in Google tests. 

"Now Chrome users on Windows will occurrence longer battery life so they don't get cut off while surveillance their favorite YouTube video on replicate," wrote Ami Fischman, a Google software engineer.

This Chrome update version 23 also gives users an alternative to send a "do-not-track" demand to websites and online services; even though Google Update warned that this feature's efficiency depends on how the sites and services meadow these requests. 

Chrome 23 also merge in an icon next to the URL a website's authorization settings for things like geolocation gratitude, pop up messages and camera-microphone admission. "Now, simply click on the page/lock icon next to a website's attend to in the omnibox to see a list of permissions and pinch them as you wish," Fischman wrote. 

Security fasten include one that is not in the Chrome browser per se, but quite in the way Apple iOS protect against wild writes in concession graphics drivers. Google paid $1,000 to the person who reported this bug, rated High, the second-highest rating behind grave.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Google Updated Pedometer Card Apps

Google’s clever search app, Google Now, for Android smart phones and tablets now comprise an intelligent pedometer app that tracks your space and knows how far you’ve walked. The efficient card should automatically start appearing on Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or afterward and joins cards for weather, nearby restaurant suggestions, and other connected search cards. 

According to Google, the space walked is intended using periodic place information that’s being sent to and stored via Google. The card comprise information for users who travel by walking, bicycling or via other modes of transport. 

Google Now’s latest adding may help Smartphone users stay more vigorous and matches the features of Nike+ addition on Apple’s iPhone, which tracks action based on the accelerometer. 

Google Now is intended to be a hyper-personal look for tool for Smartphone proprietor that provide clever reference through a variety of cards based on location, search history, and past Internet usage performance.

It’s meant to be a Siri participant and a helper that learns your behaviors and adapts to you. Google Now is an addition of Google voice search and is a feature that debuted on Android 4.1. Since Jelly Bean, Google has sustained to provide episodic updates to Google Now to enhance and supplement its features set.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Google's Online Application and Updates

Google has been working on its Google Drive suite of demand to make them easier to find, easier to right to use and easier to use. While Apple has been presentation its latest products, Google has also been hard at work on civilizing the convenience and user-friendliness of its Google drive suits of credentials. 

 Its three most accepted request word dispensation, spreadsheets and graphical appearance were renamed ‘docs', ‘sheets' and ‘slides' on Tuesday and are now obtainable as apps in the Chrome Web Store. 

Once installed, they will routinely appear as shortcuts each time a user launches the Chrome browser or opens a new browsing tab. For Chrome book users, these apps will also emerge automatically in their apps list once the next Chrome OS promote is released in mid-November. 

Google Drive is one of several concentrated efforts from Google to move people away from their corporeal desktops and physical software with physical permit conformity and into the fundamental world of the cloud.

Google Drive previously contains over 30 types of document or request, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, which can be used online, even if the software is not installed on the computer. It is comfortable with any type of computer or mobile mechanism that has an internet relationship and the first 5GB of storage is free.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Google Algorithm Changes the Updates From This Year

Google make algorithm changes every year and can be a frightening for SEO marketers. Google can create up to 600 algorithm changes a year, and considerate these updates and knowing which date they came in on can actually help SEO. The dates of the keep informed can be used by marketers to explain why there are any astonishing changes in their search traffic and website ranking. 

 On the 9th October for the first time Google formally confirmed (via Twitter) changes to their page explain algorithm. This algorithm modify under attack pages with too lots of advertisements above the fold in their latest effort to cut down on spam. 

The update focuses on punishing pages that are top serious with ads. The advise comes from users irritable about sites bogged down with top serious adverts make it hard to find the definite pleased they were looking for when click on a site. 

Users are unhappy with the understanding and want to see the satisfied they were looking for directly away without having to scroll past a variety of ads. Sites with a lack of satisfied above the fold will be exaggerated as they are not only if the user with a very good knowledge and may not rank as high from now on. 

The Penguin modernize numbering was updated on the 5th October. Google launched their latest data revive of its Penguin algorithm to once more cut down on spam. This is the third Penguin update Google have completed and will affect numerous languages across searches.