Sunday, November 18, 2012

Google TV Updates Voice Search for Smart TV

Google says it will begin distribution out a software update to select Google TV devices this week to add numerous new features, with broader sharing to follow. Google TV customers might familiarity a sense of deja vu: The update makes Google's Voice Search accessible, so viewers can speak into their Google TV remote to watch shows, play YouTube videos, open applications, visit websites, or behavior Google searches. 

Google previously made voice search accessible in December 2010 before it had gone expensive with capital letters as division of the Google TV Remote app for Android and iOS strategy. 

But this latest update incorporated Voice Search into the Google TV platform, taking it beyond voice dictation and content navigation. The new Voice Search relies on Google's information Graph, which allows spoken queries to be implicit more precisely. 

As an example, Google TV product managers Greg Funk and Eric Liu clarify in a blog post that speaking the expression "how to tie a bow tie" will punctual an suitable YouTube video to play. 

That's the familiarity Graph in action, interpreting the query and initiation a relevant video. Without the Knowledge grid, you'd have to speak the video's title. 

Google also has restores its TV & Movies app with an included viewing guide called PrimeTime, which is intended to make it easier to find motivating content to watch on Google TV devices.

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