Sunday, November 25, 2012

Google Confirmed Latest Panda 3.3 Update

Google has confirmed a new Panda update as of 6 November, and also present some in sequence into how the regular search engine user might be exaggerated. The latest Google Panda update is the 21st confirmed in total, and preserve the predictable 4-6 week liberate schedule from one update to the subsequently, since the first update was unconfined on 24 February 2011. 

Panda updates can be the substance of nightmares to the SEO. It is a filter intended to keep sites with poor quality content from tidy their way into the top Google search results. If sites which have been hit prior to have made the changes essential to get better their contented, they can let alone further punishment. Alternatively, sites that have not been hit before, may not be so fortunate in a fresh update, and could be penalized as well. 

According to the search engine huge, the Google Panda update would affect 0.4% of uncertainty which a standard user might notice. But a greater quantity of English language searches in the United States would be exaggerated. In the US, 1.1% of searches in English would be pretentious. 

The first Panda update, on 24 February 2011 was commence to combat so called contented farms, which allowable websites to gain best search result real estate with ‘shallow’ or ‘low quality’ satisfied. The new algorithm instantly exaggerated around 12% of US searches. 

Like many of the updates which have herald it, the latest Google Panda update was established after being rolled out. The best way to defend your site against the consequence of a Panda updates remains to follow common strategy on quality content and positive SEO.

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