Friday, November 16, 2012

LG Smart TV update lines to Google TV 3.0

Yesterday Google broadcast a big update for Google TV, adding features like voice look for and new, rebranded movie and TV guide called Primetime. The first devices to accept the update would be LG‘s line of Google TV-equipped G2 televisions, and the corporation has definitely bring right away, announcing that LG televisions are the first to receive the 3.0 update

LG smart TV owners will now be able to search for satisfied using naught but their voice. Google TV gives you access to all kinds of video satisfied, from places like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Google’s own Play store, which has over 150,000 movies and TV shows accessible, so a voice search characteristic makes a lot of sense in order to make it easier for users to investigate and find what they want. 

In calculation to voice search, Google TV has rebranded and renamed its TV & Movies request to “Primetime,” as well as renovate and updated the quick guide to let users find other video satisfied without having to navigate away from what they’re at present surveillance. The quick guide makes it easier and less conspicuous to search for shows and movies. 

LG smart televisions also come with OnLive, the obscure gaming overhaul that lets you rivulet and play games without having to have a gaming comfort or powerful computer. The OnLive mixing with LG televisions was announced back in June through E3 and the service offers over 300 games to decide from.

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