Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Newest Tricks of Gmail and Google Drive

Gmail and Google Drive are both trendy choices among Lifehacker readers. The Google Australia team lately shared a list of some of the modify to those products over 2012 with us, ranging from big accompaniments to small tweaks. Prepared for an update? Let’s evaluation.

Search Google, Gmail and Drive concurrently Google is running a field trial where applicable results from your Gmail account and Google Drive credentials are integrated when you search. Significance trying out if you is a serious user of equally products.

Gmail’s new Compose screen in late October, Google revolve out a new way of create emails in Gmail, using a pop-up casement so you can refer to other emails though typing. You need to opt-in to use this feature. One enticement? You can also connect files using Drive with this edition.

Working offline with Google Drive it believe like we had remain everlastingly for a substitution for Google’s Gears system for allowing offline admission. In June we were finally satisfied with the capability to work offline with Google Drive credentials very handy for plane voyage or when you want to exploit battery life.

Easily store web satisfied on Google Drive Useful for web developers: the Save to Drive Chrome expansion allows you to save entire web pages (or selected essentials such as images) straight to Google Drive.

Drag and drop folders into Drive I’ve never seen the demand of drag and drop (give me a keyboard shortcut any day), but many of people love it. If you want to move satisfied into Google Drive, you can drag and drop them straight into Chrome.

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