Monday, January 28, 2013

SEO : Google Panda #24 Update

Although discussions surrounding Google updates happened previous inside the month, it seems that we have now had it established that Google have once again rolled out their Google Panda algorithm update which was established to have been aimed at objective the UK.

Webmasters began to discuss the view of there being an update in motion on the 17th January 2013 but it seems that Google were not eager to hold liability for the changes that many were seeing, telling those that asked about that update that the changes were not connected to Google Panda or Penguin however they realize over 500 changes to their algorithm so it might have been a smaller change.

Just as things were starting to cool down following the conversation about what many consideration was an update, we received confirmation that Google had now rolled out their 24th Google Panda update after a Twitter user with the handle ‘A Googler’ tweeted out to declare its onset.

There has been less blare being made by website owners over the past pair of days which seems to pay orientation to the period that the update was being rolled out, however as you can see from the tweet that we have exhibits, 1.2% of English queries were pretentious by the change.

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