Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Currents Review for Android Users

Google can't stand to have users doing everything on other platforms, which is maybe why it launched a free Flipboard participant called Google Currents for Android. After a rather major update, the Currents app still isn't as social as Flipboard, but it's getting better and delivered an elegant, magazine-like reading experience on Android phones and tablets.

Users on Google Play have admired a current update to Currents that changed the app's user interface. A hidden left tray, revealed by filch to the right from the far left, shows numerous content group such as business, news, lifestyle, and so on. Each of these includes contribution from main publications, including the likes of ABC News, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Popular Science, Forbes, and many others.

After selecting a publication you can scroll up and down during its stories. You can also select a category, and swipe left and right through the diverse publications for more of a summary. Each type ends with a "breaking news" section, drawn from Google News.

Most stories are visually attractive on Currents, with lots of space, pictures, and contentedly sized text. While browsing, categories are isolated with a large, beautiful picture, while stories carry a headline, an image, and a blurb. Individual stories are paginated with a large icon on top, and you swipe or tap the left side of the screen to move during the story.

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