Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Google Update: Exact Match Domains are not Enough

With the huge number of Panda and Penguin updates you’d think it was time to comprise skunks, zebras, border collies, dairy cows and cute small bunnies. Instead Google presently updates time and time once more. Panda itself has contained twenty updates. 

On September 28th, Google pronounced that another algorithm update for Panda. Panda’s focus objective low quality satisfied while Penguin focuses on web spam. The compilation of the two moreover enlarges or reduces website rankings. 

SEO Chat said, “It’s significant to note that not all EMDs experience from this update certainly, some really went up in the rankings.” Barry Schwartz said, “This is a reasonably major Panda update that impacts 2.4% of English investigate queries and is still rolling out.” 

What is an Exact Match Domain? Schwartz said, “Exact equal domains mean domains that match exactly for the look for query. For example, if I sold blue widgets and owned the domain name which would be a precise match domain.” 

 Exact match domains (EMD) are normally required out in the hopes that, regardless of their satisfied, they will be given a higher ranking. Google saw that as a difficulty and so developed this algorithm to drop the rankings of those who had that attitude. 

This algorithm will not hurt sites that have an EMD yet have excellence satisfied. In fact having EMD and excellence satisfied should budge you up in rankings.

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