Sunday, October 14, 2012

Existing New Features Leak out in Android 4.2 and Gmail

There are many Android smartphones still organization older versions of the operating system while they wait to be efficient to a later software let go. Now although we are commencement to hear information on one more build of the Android operating system, and some exhilarating new features for Android 4.2 have been leaked for Gmail.

According to an editorial over on the Android Police the Gmail for Android request is departing to get some nice new features, and have provided a video of the software that may have come from the future LG Nexus. It seems that Gmail users on Android will soon be treated to pinch-to-zoom ability, which has been debatably one of the most required options for the app.

The video that can be seen underneath was in use using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that was running Android 4.1, so the feature will expectantly be obtainable for older versions of the operating system. Other new features comprise the option of swiping to archive and delete satisfied, which will allow users to only flick away messages as they search during their inbox.

This new characteristic can effortlessly be tailored to meet the necessities of the user though, as there are options that can be set up so the swipes can also Always Delete, and Archive or Delete, with the defaulting setting being the latter of the two options, which when swiping a memorandum in the inbox will send it to files, but doing the same in Sent or All Mail will send it to garbage. 

The concerning screen shows the Gmail version as 4.2, and one more new characteristic gives users the aptitude to report phishing email, and you would have consideration this new version of the Gmail app will bring with it some bug fixes as well. 

While this is a leaked description of the app as soon as it gets an official let go users will be bright to update via the Google Play Store as long as you are running at least Android ICS and this account will need a entrenched device.

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