Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Android Market for the Web

 Google has finally released the Web-based description of the Android Market, which is now available at You can link to applications, find apps from your computer and install them over the air.

Android Market for the Web includes all the applications, not just the ones that are obtainable for a certain device or a certain description of Android, so it's much more complete than the application that's installed on your Android device. You'll be able to find paid apps even if you live in a country where you can only put in free apps and you'll be able to find apps that require Froyo even if your phone still uses Android Donut. In fact, you don't even have to be an Android user to discover the Market.

I've tried to install an application from the web site, but Google shows an "invalid request" error after the verification process.

To make the Market even better, Google announced two additional features that will be available soon: in-app purchases and fixed pricing for various currencies. That means you'll see less apps that cost $1.73 or €2.26, pretentious that developers will adjust their prices.

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