Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Conversation Mode in Google Translate for Android

Google Translate's app for Android additional a feature that has previously announced by Google: discussion mode. The new option is experimental and it only works for English and Spanish, so it's more like an early preview. Conversation mode is a fancy name for making it easy to have a chat in two different languages.

"In conversation mode, simply press the microphone for your language and start speaking. Google Translate will translate your speech and read the conversion out loud. Your conversation partner can then react in factors like regional accents, background noise or rapid speech may make it difficult to understand what you're saying their language, and you'll hear the translation spoken back to you. Because this technology is still in alph," explains Google.

The conversation is hypothetical to be fluid, but you still need to confirm that Google's voice credit system worked well and tap the "Reply" button to switch roles. Here's a demo that shows the new characteristic in action for English and German:

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