Monday, September 20, 2010

Print Selection in Google Chrome

Printing is one of the Google Chrome's weakest points. Google's browser still doesn't offer print preview and, until recently, you couldn't print the selected text. In Google Chrome 6 for Windows, you can select some text and some images from a web page, click on "Print" in the unified menu and choose the "selection" option.
If you frequently print the pages in the Google Chrome, you can add a print button and install iReader, an extension based on the Readability that removes the clutter from the web pages, makes pages easier to read and adds the option to hide the images.

In other Chrome-related news, Chrome 7 beta will be released next Monday and print preview has been pushed back to the next release (Chrome 8). "Because the M7 feature freeze was on Aug 30, moving this to M8. Each cycle is six weeks."

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