Friday, August 13, 2010

How would you advance online free expression?

There seems to be no hotter topic for the discussion among the Internet watchers these days than concerns over online the free expression -- from the role of bloggers in advancing the democratic movements, to sophisticated government censorship, to debates over how best to balance transparency with the national security concerns. YouTube, Google and the Central European University will make our own contribution to the conversation at a major international conference we’re hosting in the Budapest from September 20-22. We've invited grassroots activists, bloggers and vloggers from the five continents, as well as representatives from the NGOs, academia, industry and government to begin a long-term discussion about these issues and to form the international working groups to promote the practical change.

But a conversation about online the free expression would be nothing without contributions from you. From election protests to government whistleblowing to grassroots advocacy, we’ve seen YouTube users upload, watch and share stories that would’ve never received global attention before the Internet era. That's why we're inviting you to submit your own video that answers this question:

"What's the biggest barrier to free expression on the Internet, and what would you do to overcome it?"

You can go to our Moderator series here to submit ideas and videos and/or to vote on your favorite contributions from others around the world.

Please participate by September 7, and we’ll showcase many of your responses at the conference in Budapest later in the month. We’ll also offer highlights from the dialogue on CitizenTube.

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