Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chrome Web Store and Online Games reports that Google Chrome Web Store will be launched in the October and online games will be one of its main attractions. "Set to launch this October, the store aims to make a proper marketplace for the browser games -- one that solves a lot of the issues of games on the web today, from discovery to monetization."

Google's game developer advocate, Mark DeLoura, thinks that it's difficult to find great online games, so Google Chrome Web Store tries to solve this problem by allowing users to rate games and write reviews. Chrome users will be able to install games, which adds shortcuts to the "new tab" page and grants additional permissions to the games. Not all games will be free, but Chrome users can buy games directly from the Web Store and pay using Google Checkout. Google's platform will support free trials and subscriptions, while developers will only pay a 5% processing fee for each transaction.
Will users pay for web apps in Chrome's store? More than half of the Android apps are free13 countries because of Google Checkout's limitations. Android Market doesn't make it easy to find interesting new applications and doesn't recommend other applications based on the ones you've installed. Hopefully, Chrome Web Store will do a much better job than the Android Market. and paid Android apps are only available in

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