Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Google Suggest as a Context-Sensitive Spell Checker

This is one of the most useful features that are released by Google this year. Google Suggest, which usually auto-completes your query as you type, is now also a spell-checker. Even if the Google can't find popular queries that start with the words you've typed, it will still show a "did you mean" entry that corrects your spelling mistakes.

The most impressive thing about this feature is that the spell checker is in context-sensitive, so the suggestions are actually relevant. It's likely that Google uses the smart spell checker from the Google Wave.

If you type [this is a rlly], Google suggests that [this is a rally] and is more appropriate. Most browsers offer the same suggestion. If you type the another word and your query is [this is a rlly beautiful], Google shows with a different suggestion: [this is a really beautiful].

http://felix-googleblog-archive.blogspot.comType [Why its so important too eat hole grains] in a text field from a web page and that your browser won't find any spelling mistakes. Not even Gmail's will spell checker can find the mistakes. That's because most of the applications use dictionaries to find the words that are spelled incorrectly. Google Suggest is now smarter because it tries to find if the words make sense in the context of your query.


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