Tuesday, April 5, 2011

YouTube's New Search Options Format

YouTube has a new border for related searches and higher search options. Now you can select multiple filters from a category and unite related searches. For example, you can find long-form HD videos that are obtainable in the WebM format.

If you click on one of the queries from the "Explore" section, you'll replace the unique query. A more interesting alternative is to mouse over a query and click the "plus" icon: this way, you'll refine your original search.


YouTube adds both filters and refinements to the query and separates them by comma. A search for [slow motion, hd, webm, high speed camera] includes two filters that are treated discretely: "hd" and "webm".

You can also add the name of a channel (example: [slow motion, @tpsfilmstudio]) or the name of a group (example: [slow motion, sports]).

The new features were part of an trial called YouTube Topics that tried to help users find videos. "We know that sometimes people come to YouTube looking for a specific video, but at other times, they have only a uneven idea of the kind of videos they want."

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