Monday, December 27, 2010

Battle of the Demos: Musical Holiday Edition

Nothing brings out holiday spirit like caroling around town or distribution a good time with friends. But when you unite both of those fun behavior with Google technology, Weezer, Greyson Chance, and Demo Slam, you get fight of the Demos: Musical festival Edition.

This chill season, Weezer and Greyson Chance stepped to into the Demo Slam arena to show the world their most imaginative tech demos. We know they both can sing, but who will win in a fight of technology?

Spending his Christmas home in Oklahoma City, Greyson Chance figured he might unite Google Local Search and caroling to increase some musical cheer approximately town:

Weezer is recognized for their adoring fans (well, at least one affectionate fan authoring this post). Check out this slam that gets the entire crowd involved:

Head over to to vote and help settle on whether a voice search performed by 3,000 people or crooning from side to side the streets of Oklahoma City will reign supreme.

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